Le Studio

Non-Surgical Non-Invasive Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

We provide full-service, hair loss prevention restorative treatments for men and women. Our superior-quality fashionable no-damage hair piece extension and anti-aging treatments for the face. Offers more hair-loss restoration and treatment options than any other companies or clubs in the Atlanta area.

The first step in becoming the top male and female hair loss solutions facility was to field the best staff possible and to train them in conjunction with world-renowned hair replacement specialists. Our talented technician has years of experience working with the most up-to-date styles and technologies.

At Le Studio Image we have a solution for every individual
Everyone experiences hair loss differently but most of us, if we had a chance, would like to have beautiful and healthy hair.

What can we do when there is no hair? At LE Studio Image we have the best solution for each individual. Natural and undetectable Results. We are backed by a long proven track record and all the satisfied people who have experienced LE Studio Image

They have been personally trained in the headquarters of the companies that create the most admired and respected hair restoratives in the world. Recent technological breakthroughs now enable our staff to offer a wide range of clinical and cosmetic hair loss treatments to our clients, as well as state-of-the-art hair loss prevention services. Our staff is fully committed to our clients, and they receive intensive education on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the way corporate and chain hair-restoration centers expose their clients to a lack of secrecy, they also limit the array of options that can be used to benefit their clients. Being an independent studio gives us free rein to scour the world for the most innovative, efficient, and effective developments in hair-restoration science. When we find something that our clients need, we go straight to the source. Often this includes personalized training and individual certification for each member of our team. By pursuing excellence in both our products and how they are applied, we have managed to build a world-class hair restoration studio from the ground up, right here in Roswell, Ga.

The volumater is still an unbeatable option to recover partial hair loss; it is a personalized System that consists of hair extension hair system, of the same characteristics as your own hair once interlaced the hair becomes your own.
I give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Hair that is 100% natural, allowing you to carry out all your daily activities, (washing your hair, coloring swimming flat ironing) Exercising water skiing without a thought.