Hair Services

Our experts provide an array of hair system service.
Hair System Cut-In Professional
and customize for your hairstyle.

Hair System Maintenance Repairs for Men and Women

We offer a range of services like professional hairpiece repair, reconditioning, women hair topper, human hair wigs solutions— even if you didn’t get your hair from us! Our in-house staff of licensed hair techs performs basic work, while the more complex repairs is sent off-site.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement systems and additions have the ability to simulate a true natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in overall hair density.

Hair Cut & Style

Hair Cut & Style Includes: professional haircut, neck shave, head massaging shampoo, a hot steam towel for your face, a brush of powder around your neck – all without any hair down your shirt.

Razor Cut

Razor Cutting and up Razor cutting is a process in which sharp, knife-like razors are used to excise, slice and texture the hair.

Permanent Color Treatment/Highlighting

Permanent Color Treatment/Highlighting/Bleaching:

Color Treatments
Grey Camouflage

Take years off your look by blending out your grey hairs! Formulated just for men to leave your hair looking natural and processing takes just 5 minutes!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Thorough base cleaning to remove all adhesive residue and hair washed by hand. Conditioning Thorough hair conditioning by hand.  Detangling Clorox-based extreme hair detangle.

Tear Repair

Tear Repair Re-stitch or mend torn base materials. Re-Coat Poly Painting or re-coating polyurethane layers.

Remove Density

Remove Density Thinning out thicker density hair systems.

Hair Repair

Hair Repair Price Add Grey Percentage Increase the level or intensity of grey hairs (both human and synthetic)

Bleach Knots

Bleach Knots Bleaching or re-bleaching knots on underside of system.

Hair System Cut-In

Hair System Cut-In Professional and custom cut-in service for your hairstyle.

Hair System Maintenance, Repairs

Professional hairpiece repair, reconditioning, and hair-adding services — even if you didn’t get your hair from us! Our in-house staff of licensed hair techs performs basic work, while more complex

Non Surgical Hair Replacement & Hair Extensions

Looking to enhance your natural hair with more volume, length, and highlights? Check out our Non Surgical Hair Replacement and Transformation Connections Hair Extensions at Le Studio Image. Our extensions are safe, reusable, and provide texture and highlights without any harmful chemicals. Want to switch up your look with fantasy colors? Our perfect extensions are a great alternative to traditional dye and can be re-used up to three times. Discover our hair extension options today!